Onsite instrument/software training

Advanced Molecular Vision provides onsite instrument installation and full training for all customers because we want to be certain that every customer is able to get the best out of their new purchases. Installation and training is provided by a team of dedicated engineers and scientists who are also happy to provide after-sales applications, engineering and technical support. Our scientists and engineers work closely with our instrument manufacturers, to make certain that we offer the highest standards of customer service.

University based training courses in vivo optical imaging

Advanced Molecular Vision designed a comprehensive imaging course for researchers who wish to perfect their in vivo optical imaging knowledge and skills. Graduates of this course are expected to be able to develop their own model systems, operate optical instruments and interpret experimental results with little additional assistance. This course is split into theory and practical modules. Please contact us for further information.


  • The history and development of in vivo optical imaging as an investigative tool.
  • Concepts and components of optical imaging. Emphasis on advantages and limitations of this technology.
  • Optical imaging reagents including fluorescent proteins, fluorescent dyes and light emitting enzymes, for example, luciferase. The advantages that smart probes confer will be discussed.
  • Optical imaging of disease states and its use as a research tool. Focus on cancer and inflammation.
  • Multimodal imaging and multispectral un-mixing.
  • Recent developments and future options for in vivo optical imaging systems


  • Imaging of fluorescent proteins in model systems. Users gain direct experience of working with fluorescent proteins to track infection, cancer or inflammation.
  • Luminescent probe imaging in model systems. Users gain direct experience of luminescence imaging and learn how to use dual luminescence and fluorescence imaging.
  • Using x-ray imaging for high resolution joint analysis and soft tissue imaging. Use of x-ray contrast agents as imaging tools is included.
  • Cell tracking using fluorescent smart probes.

While a number of models and approaches are represented, specific requests can be considered and time can be made to discuss appropriate imaging systems.

The course will be held at the University. Practical components will be demonstrated on a range of in vivo imaging systems. Course attendees are requested to exclude themselves from any animal facility for at least 48 hours prior to the start of the course. Places are limited to 3 people. For further details and pricing please contact us.

Please note: A course running is subject to meeting the minimium number of required participants.

University based training courses in vitro imaging

Advanced Molecular Vision designed a comprehensive imaging course for researchers who wish to perfect their in vitro imaging knowledge and skills. The in vitro training course is designed to allow users of in vitro imaging systems to become proficient in a range of imaging applications.

The core components of the course are:

  • General maintenance and care of imaging systems
  • Applications based imaging
  • Software analysis

Over the course of a day, groups of up to 8 people will gain direct experience of these imaging systems and become proficient in their use.

Applications based imaging focuses on the techniques that each imaging system is designed to image and can be tailored to specific areas of interest for the group. The comprehensive hands-on-session will go through major aspects of luminescent, white light and fluorescent imaging applications, for example, western blotting, nucleic acid imaging, GFP detection, etc.

Software analysis focuses on the extended functions of most applications to allow users to analyse their images and includes band quantification, mass and size analysis, etc.

Please contact us for further details and pricing please contact us.