Xenogen - IVIS Spectrum

The IVIS Spectrum is the most versatile and advanced imaging system available. The incredibly sensitive camera combined with high energy trans and epi illumination makes bioluminescence and fluorescence detection simple. 3D tomographic software included in the system allow 3D imaging to be performed and absolute quantification of signals to be registered. The IVIS Spectrum is the gold standard for imaging today.



CCD SensorBack thinned, back illuminated
CCD Size2.7cm x 2.7cm
Pixels2048 x 2048
Quantum Efficiency85%
Min detectable photons70 photons/s/sr/cm < sup > 2 < /sup >
Min Field of View3.9cm x 3.9cm
Max Field of View23cm x 23cm
Dark Current< 100 electrons/s/cm < sup > 2 < /sup >
Lensf 0.95 50mm
CCD CoolingCooled to-90 & deg;C Absolute
Integrated Gas AnaesthesiaYes
Animal ManagmentAs Standard
Fluorescence CapabilityEpi Illumination and Transillumination
Excitation Filters12
Emission Filters24
Background subtractionYes as standard
3D CapabilityDiffuse Tomographic Reconstruction
SoftwareLiving Image Software
DimensionsWork Bench
Work BenchYes